Welcome to my scattered thoughts – organized for you!

Everyone has come across items they would love to share but didn’t have an available forum. I am fortunate enough to have webspace so I’m putting this site together for just such occasions.


These jokes will be appropriate for all audiences that may stop by. They will be a collection of jokes I’ve received via email and word-of-mouth or stumbled across in the public domain.


This section will have videos and pictures that are entertaining, informative, and everything in between.


This section will have posts when news items cause me to jump on my soapbox.

Contact Us

There will be a contact form created; however, in the meantime, feel free to leave comments on any posts.


Posts on this site will, for the most part, be items retrieved from various web locations. All effort is made not to post items that have copyright protection. If there is an item that you believe is your intellectual property, contact us with your information and we will investigate and remove if necessary.

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